Reuse and Recycling Program Terms of Use

Please read through the following conditions. By participating in this program, you confirm that you have read the Terms of Use and confirm your understanding and agreement thereof. These Terms of Use (the "agreement") amend all prior terms and conditions or agreements, should any such agreement be in existence.

1. Basic Principles of the Reuse and Recycling Program

Through this program, Dell through its partner offers to accept customer return of certain old/used computers, monitors, printers, mobile phones and peripheral equipment (old equipment). Dell partner: TES-AMM DATASERV operates this program on behalf of Dell

2. Lawful owner confirmation and Agreement of the Terms of Use

The return of the old equipment, can take place solely online, on the DELL reuse and recycling program website.

By accepting the Terms of Use, the participant confirms that they are the lawful owner of the old equipment, and that this ownership is not subject to any third party, title retention.

Participation in the program confirms the participant´s agreement and acceptance of the program's Terms of Use.

3. Terms of Use of the Program

Deletion of all confidential data and information, which could possibly be stored on the product, is the responsibility of the customer. Prior to shipment of the product within the framework of this reuse and recycling program, it is incumbent upon the customer to:

  1. delete data from the hard drive and any other storage media in the product,
  2. save or transfer data of any kind and
  3. remove any removable storage media, for example; floppy disks, CDs or PC cards.
Dell and its partner accepts no responsibility for returned confidential data and software. In the case of the conditions of this agreement not being met, Dell and its partner is not obligated to offer this service.

4. Return of Old Equipment

The Customer must package and send the Used Equipment in accordance with the instructions from Dell and its partner. This includes, but is not limited to, instructions on weight limitations as well as on the quantity and type of equipment. In case you were asked to pepare your equipment for customs, the customs documents must be completely filled out and secured to the outside of the package in an envelope. Dell and its partner will not cover any costs generated due to missing customs documents.

The Used Equipment must be sent with the services supplied by Dell´s partner TES-AMM DATASERV. The Customer must ensure that only computer hardware is return to TES-AMM DATASERV and no other materials or products are shipped. Furthermore, the Customer must ensure that the shipped equipment corresponds to the Used Equipment as recorded on the TES-AMM DATASERV website.

TES-AMM DATASERV will not accept any shipments that are sent "collect on delivery".

If the requirements as outlined above are not met, the Used Equipment will be deemed as not received. If Used Equipment is not received within 30 days of the agreement between Customer and TES-AMM DATASERV or if Used Equipment is deemed to be not received as outlined above, TES-AMM DATASERV reserves the right to cancel the agreement.

5. Ownership and transfer of Risk

Ownership of the product passes to Dell and its Partner TES-AMM DATASERV upon TES-AMM DATASERV's receipt of the old equipment.

6. Collection service: cancellation or changes

Pick up dates, times, locations and names are not changeable.

Canceled orders must be advised 48 hours prior to scheduled pick up.

For cancellation please send an email to requesting a cancellation.

If you wish to request a new return, please re-enter your request on-line by visiting: and selecting your country of residence.

7. General

Dell and its partner shall not be liable for events resulting from failure to comply with this agreement for reasons beyond their reasonable control. This agreement is non-transferable and valid only for the original customer.

8. Reuse and Recycling Program Information

8.1 Returned equipment - Used Electrical /Electronic Equipment

  • All equipment is to be returned as Used Electrical / Electronic Equipment (UEEE) and packed in a manner that avoids damage, cosmetic or otherwise
  • Process Information: The Returned Equipment (UEEE) is processed through a REUSE Process.
  • The Used Equipment (UEEE) that can be REUSED after successfully passing through the REUSE Process is re-classified as REEE ( Reused Electrical / Electronic Equipment)

8.2 Waste Electrical / Electronic Equipment

  • The Used Equipment (UEEE) that cannot be REUSED after unsuccessfully passing through the REUSE Process is re-classified as WEEE ( Waste Electrical / Electronic Equipment)
  • Process Information: Waste Electrical / Electronic Equipment ( WEEE) subsequent to failing to pass through any or all of the REUSE Process Waste Electrical / Electronic Equipment ( WEEE) is thereafter treated as waste ( WEEE) and falls out of the Reuse Process for the purpose of Recycling / Disposal
  • All WEEE is subject to the Regulation of The WEEE Directive and handled and transported accordingly.

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